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Mico Entertainment Group's Calgary wedding DJ team is vibrant, professional, and passionate about weddings and parties. We are experts who consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and their guests. We will work with you to create the perfect playlist, play everything in the right order, and keep the dance floor thriving.


Every DJ on our team will transport, set up, and take down their own professional equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, stands, microphones, turntables, LED dance floor lighting, ambient up-lighting, and more. We arrive early to make sure everything sounds perfect, and there are no problems. We each curate our own unlimited digital music libraries, with hand-picked playlists that feature the best songs from every genre. We are 90s and 80s kids who remember the dance anthems and nostalgic hits that still pack the dance floors today. We also stay up to date with the current top 40, and the old school classics from before our time, to make sure every guest at your wedding or party has the urge to tear up the dance floor.


Our goal is to keep everyone happy: you, your friends, the parents, grandparents, kids, and everyone in between. You as the client can come up and request any song during your event, and we'll play it right away. We'll also gladly play your guests' requests, as long as they fit the vibe you're going for. Thanks to today's technology, you'll never hear us say "I don't have that song."


When you book with Mico, your DJ will reach out to you before your event to go over everything. You will get a chance to speak on the phone and ask them anything that's on your mind. We offer full support from the moment you book, until everyone goes home happy. You can call, text, or email at any time. We love to answer your questions. We will take care of the entertainment so that you can relax and enjoy the best party of your life!

You can get to know our professional DJs by viewing their profiles below.

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The Founder
International E

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irst Class Service

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The Veteran

 DJ Extraordinaire

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Vinyl Mixologist
Immaculate Selection



Party Engineer

The Next Generation

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The Top 3 Questions About Our Calgary Wedding DJs: Style

1. "What kind of music do your DJs play?"

Without a doubt, this is the most frequently asked question that we receive when we first speak with our clients. The answer is simple: we are professional wedding DJs, which means, we play everything you want, and nothing that you don’t. We are homegrown and based in Calgary, but we have experience performing at many unique venues throughout the world. One thing that stays the same, however, is this: the client chooses the music that gets played at their wedding. Our job as wedding DJs is to fulfill our clients’ wishes while keeping their guests happy, from the ceremony to the last dance. This means not only packing the dance floor till the wee hours of the night, but also playing the perfect background songs during the cocktails and dinner. All our DJs are well versed in a wide array of musical genres, including pop from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s & 2010s, modern top 40, every subgenre of rock, country, latin music, hip hip, and more. Many of our clients come from families that originated in other parts of the world, and they want to hear traditional, cultural music at their weddings. Some of our most epic dance floor experiences happened while performing at Arabic weddings, Persian weddings, Italian weddings, Mexican weddings, Colombian weddings, Filipino weddings, Chinese weddings, Korean weddings, and Jewish weddings, just to name a few. We love to be a part of the festivities and traditions that go back hundreds or even thousands of years. However, in other cases, our clients have specifically requested that we do not play cultural music from their parents’ or grandparents' generation, and they prefer that we stick to a selection of contemporary, popular songs. Either way, the music is totally up to the bride and groom. Thanks to the internet, we can get any song ever made, in a matter of seconds, and we will happily play any of your requests. Pleasing the crowd and the clients is exactly what our DJ team is trained to do, and what we excel at.

2. "Do your wedding DJs take requests?"

Yes, we will absolutely take all your requests. We can also take requests from your guests, as long as they fit in with the vibe you’re going for. For example, if during our initial consultation, or later on, you decide that you and your fiance really don’t want to us to play a certain genre, artist, or song, but uncle Jeff comes up to us and asks us to play one of them, we will kindly let him know, “That’s a great track, I love it, but, we have a playlist from the bride and groom, and we have to stick to that. Sorry, sir!” If someone requests a really “out there” song, which we think might clash with your tastes and kill the vibe, but you haven’t explicitly stated that you don’t want this kind of music, then our policy is to ask the guest to check with the bride and groom, and let us know if it’s all good with them. We’d rather be safe than sorry, and we always put the clients’ wishes first. We will carry out exactly what was discussed in our initial consultation, what we agreed upon in the contract, and what you wrote down in the questionnaire. We will be on the exact same page. As far as your choices for music goes, there is no right and wrong. Music is all about taste, and we each have our own. Some clients want their wedding DJ to play every song from their hand-picked playlist, sometimes including instructions for what time each song or genre should be played. They know exactly what they want, down to the little details, and we are happy to fulfill the plan exactly as they envision it. Some clients are not particular about the music, and they just want everyone to have a good time. They ask us to play fun music for people to dance to, popular favourites that people know and love, the very best wedding hits from various genres and decades. We’ve been curating such playlists throughout our combined 50+ years of experience DJing weddings in Calgary, southern Alberta, and beyond. Every pro on our DJ team has accumulated a database of songs that work at weddings, and we know which songs generally don’t. As 80s and 90s kids, the hits of our generation are hardwired into our DJs’ brains. We also know and love the timeless tracks from the eras of our parents and grandparents, in addition to staying up to date with all the new top 40 coming out each day. We know how to feel out the vibe and respond accordingly with the right songs for the right group of people.

3. "Do your DJs do quick mixes, or do they let the songs play out? What about Scratching?"

Some of our clients ask these very specific questions about the mixing style that our DJs employ. They tell us how they have been to weddings where the DJ kept changing songs every 15 seconds, emptying the dance floor with abrupt, jarring transitions that left the audience confused and annoyed. On the other hand, some DJs let super long songs play from start to finish, even if nobody is dancing anymore. We’ve also heard tales of such DJs attempting to “scratch” over songs, absolutely butchering a perfectly good wedding song by doing way too much. Major buzzkill! What we’ve learned as professional wedding DJs is, there’s a time and place for different styles. For example, a techno DJ, a hip-hop DJ, and a wedding DJ all have different skills, and serve different purposes. A hip-hop DJ is more likely to employ techniques such as quick mixing, and scratching. For those who don’t know, scratching is one of the oldest DJing techniques, which originated around the same time as DJing itself. Back then in the 80s, the pioneers of DJing started taking 2 songs, usually disco tracks with their “4 to the floor” beats, and blended sections of them together to create epic dance mixes, and brand new songs. This is how hip hop, techno, house, and other genres were born. One of the techniques they invented was to press their hand on one of the vinyls, and move the song back and forth, creating that signature “scratching” sound. This was often done to introduce a new track or transition to the next one. Done correctly on the beat, it can enhance the experience and immersion of a DJ set, most often with hip hop. A hip hop crowd will be expecting such techniques, and they’ll enjoy it. It’s what they came to see. It takes skill and timing. Few DJs can pull this off and make it work. A techno DJ would not typically utilize quick mixing or scratching, unless they are really trying to push the envelope and try something new. Techno music is more about blending songs together seamlessly, to create a journey and an atmosphere in which the audience can dance themselves into a trance-like state, happily forgetting space and time for several consecutive hours, or more. As explained in the previous section, a wedding DJ exists to please the marrying couple and their guests. Our clients are booking a professional wedding DJ so that they can hear all their favourite songs mixed together smoothly, played at the right volume level, through a professional sound system, with crystal clear quality. The DJ is not the main event — he or she is there to make sure everyone has a good time, especially the two legends getting married. This is a wedding, not a talent show for the DJ to test out all his new tricks. A wedding is not like a music festival or a hip hop club, where DJs show up with a playlist of their own favourite songs, including a stack of new tunes to test out on an audience who is looking for surprises and experimentation. Weddings are all about nostalgia. In our 12+ years of experience, we’ve noticed that wedding attendees generally aren’t looking for new, experimental songs they’ve never heard before. People want to hear songs that they already know and love. Anthems that take them back to a cherished time in their lives, the glory days when they used to party at The Back Alley, or the memories tied to songs their parents played when they were little kids. We know all the hits from every era, and we love to drop them at just the right moment. We also know that when you’re on the dance floor belting out the lyrics of your favourite song with all your friends, the last thing you want is for the DJ to slam the brakes and play a completely different track. That’s not going to happen with us. Long story short, we usually do not employ quick-mixing and scratching in our wedding DJ mixes, unless specifically requested. We know that clients want to hear their favourite songs, and do not want any jarring, abrupt “quick mixing” of songs, which can make it really hard to get into the rhythm and enjoy the moment. Of course, we always aim to play the best parts of songs and skip any boring/annoying sections. If there’s a long, slow, drawn-out song part that would kill the mood, or if the crowd starts getting tired of a song, our DJs will read the room and transition smoothly to a new track, to keep the dance floor happy and the good times rolling. That being said, if you’re big fans of hip-hop, if you’d like to hear some scratching and quick mixing, by all means, let us know, we’d be happy to do that for you. Our wedding DJs come from various musical backgrounds and have experience in the techno, house, and hip hop world. These are some of the finer details regarding our DJ services that we’d love to chat about during a free and quick consultation.

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