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The Mico Entertainment Group DJ team is vibrant, professional, and passionate about weddings and parties. We are experts who consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and their guests here in Calgary and beyond. We will work with you to create the perfect playlist, play everything in the right order, and keep the dance floor thriving.


Every DJ on our team will transport, set up, and take down their own professional equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, stands, microphones, turntables, LED dance floor lighting, ambient up-lighting, and more. We arrive early to make sure everything sounds perfect, and there are no problems. We each curate our own unlimited digital music libraries, with hand-picked playlists that feature the best songs from every genre. We are 90s and 80s kids who remember the dance anthems and nostalgic hits that still pack the dance floors today. We also stay up to date with the current top 40, and the old school classics from before our time, to make sure every guest at your wedding or party has the urge to tear up the dance floor.


Our goal is to keep everyone happy: you, your friends, the parents, grandparents, kids, and everyone in between. You as the client can come up and request any song during your event, and we'll play it right away. We'll also gladly play your guests' requests, as long as they fit the vibe you're going for. Thanks to today's technology, you'll never hear us say "I don't have that song."


When you book with Mico, your DJ will reach out to you before your event to go over everything. You will get a chance to speak on the phone and ask them anything that's on your mind. We offer full support from the moment you book, until everyone goes home happy. You can call, text, or email at any time.We love to answer your questions. We will take care of the entertainment so that you can relax and enjoy the best party of your life!

You can get to know our professional DJs by viewing their profiles below.

mico entertainment group | dj mico posing in suit and tie


The Founder
International E

mico entertainment group | dj chris posing in suit and tie


irst Class Service

mico entertainment group | dj matt posing in formal attire


The Veteran

 DJ Extraordinaire

mico entertainment group | dj dylan posing in formal attire


Vinyl Mixologist
Immaculate Selection



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