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Mico Entertainment Group, Calgary wedding DJ specialists

We are a professional DJ entertainment service offering carefully crafted dance floor experiences for weddings, corporate events, and parties in Calgary and the surrounding area.

We have a dedicated team of real DJs, each with over a decade of experience making dance floor memories for our clients and their guests here in Calgary and across the world. From our base of operations in the heart of YYC, we also frequently provide our services in Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis, Okotoks, and will happily do destination weddings.

Our team is vibrant, professional, down to earth, and passionate about parties. We believe that connection is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life, and there's no better way to connect than to dance the day and night away with a room full of your favorite people.

Our greatest pleasure is seeing people having the time of their lives on the dance floor, knowing that we helped create the atmosphere that made the magic possible. We cherish these moments, and we look forward to creating many more.

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About the Founder
Mico Migliarese

Mico Migliarese is the founder and director of Mico Entertainment group. He has been an avid music enthusiast since before he could talk. His father taught him the drums at the age of five. He would burn custom CDs as a kid, and listen to them on his Walkman on the way to school. He has always enjoyed collecting the best tunes from various genres, organizing them into playlists, listening to them on his headphones, and dropping the beat at parties and gatherings.

Growing up in a large Italian family, Mico went to a lot of weddings, and he loved it. He loved being together with all his cousins, aunts and uncles. The accordion music and bands were awesome. But one thing he did not love was the quality of most of the wedding DJs in Calgary.


Mico noticed that all too often, the DJ was not professional. Many played stale music that no one liked. Some would stop playing, go out for a smoke, and leave the whole crowd without music for half an hour or more. Some would try to stream low quality songs directly off YouTube. It was so bad and choppy, the static was louder than the actual song. It was like they didn't care at all. They didn't even try.

So in 2011, at the age of 18, Mico acquired DJ equipment and started DJing events in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, and the surrounding area, with the focus on playing tunes which people actually enjoy. His goal has always been to keep the dance floor and clients happy at all times, and to offer the peace of mind in the months leading up to the wedding, by offering stress-free consultation and planning.


He DJ'd weddings and events during the summers and Christmas holidays, in between semesters studying at U of C. Upon graduating, he ventured to Australia to work and learn with the one and only Melbourne Entertainment Company, where he was recognized as the company's top performer in February 2018.


While in Australia, Mico ended up co-creating two successful EDM event groups, Red Moon and Renegade. He spent the winters down under, organizing parties and festivals for thousands of guests from all over the world, before returning home permanently in 2020, resuming his focus on providing the best wedding DJs in Calgary.


Today, Mico Entertainment Group is a boutique event entertainment service specializing in weddings, with a focus on quality over quantity. Every DJ on our small but growing team passes the test: professional, experienced, committed, knowledgeable, and fun. Every DJ puts the client first and is invested in the outcome of each event. Every client deserves to have an awesome wedding with a packed dance floor. That is our mission and our greatest pleasure.

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