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mico entertainment group | professional DJ Dylan posing outside with sunglasses in calgary alberta

Vinyl Mixologist | Immaculate Selection

Dylan is an expert on the decks with an ear for the best songs from every era. He excels in putting together sets that take crowds from sitting, to levitating, to going home with huge smiles and memories they will talk about for years to come.

Born and raised in Calgary, Dylan is a veteran DJ with experience playing at clubs, music festivals, and weddings throughout the province. He loves the classic touch and feel of the vinyls, which he uses to great effect at gigs. Not many DJs today can say they know how to use them, and to use them as well as Dylan does. He is keeping the tradition alive with style and finesse, and guests love it.

Dylan loves the vibe and atmosphere of a wedding, and is right at home mixing the various genres that a wedding reception requires in order to keep everyone happy and on their feet, shouting at the top of their lungs. From country, to hip hop, to oldies and contemporary hits, he has his finger on the pulse of what our clients and their guests need to hear. He enjoys the banter and the back and forth, taking requests, feeding off the crowd's energy and bouncing it back onto the dance floor.

In addition to being a professional DJ, Dylan is a father of a beautiful baby boy, an addiction nurse, and he regularly volunteers helping keep disadvantaged people safe in the inner city. In his spare time he loves producing, mixing and listening to house, hip hop, and RnB. He has a deep love for music, especially of the soulful kind.

He's a standup guy, a pleasure to work with, and a guaranteed win to have on the decks at your wedding.

mico entertainment group | professional DJ Dylan selecting music at a wdding in calgary alberta
mico entertainment group | DJ Dylan smiling while playing music at a wedding at venue 308 in calgary alberta


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