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From the forest of the west coast of BC, Jez was raised in the paws of festival culture. Her passion for music was ignited at a young age and she always dreamed of being on stage. That dream came true when she played her festival debut for The Grove stage at Shambhala Music Festival in 2021. She has been shooting for the stars ever since.

Her sound is largely influenced by all types of bass music, predominantly coming from the UK along with r’n’b, hiphop, downtempo and nostalgic dance floor anthems from her youth. She'll work with you to create the best wedding playlist you could ever imagine. You can count on her to get your body moving.

She's performed at one of the greatest festivals in the world, and many of the best clubs in B.C. Now based in Calgary, Jez brings that mountain of experience with her to wedding dance floors in the city and beyond. She has a keen ability to read the room, recognize what the people want, and deliver it all at the right pace.

In addition to her musical skills, she has a wonderful personality and is an absolute joy to work with. It's a real honour to have Jen on the crew. If you're looking for a true DJ with a great vibe and rhythm in her veins, Jez is your girl!


You can listen to Jez's mixes on her SoundCloud page. (These are electronic mixes, but she'll play exactly what you want to hear on your wedding, of course).


West Coast Pro | Shambhala Headliner


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