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Cade is an immaculate professional, an asset of our team, and a rising star in Calgary's electronic music scene.

Born and raised in Calgary, this 20 year old artist has an insatiable thirst for captivating audiences through music.


When he is not furthering himself as a music producer he is honing his skills behind the mixer, and is well versed in DJing Bass house, Techno music & Top 40, aiming to capture the ears of audiences worldwide.

With his roots in the EDM scene and music production, Cade has quickly become a master wedding DJ, having been trained by the best of the best, his brother, Matt

Rising Star

Cade has performed at premier venues like Sub Rosa and Ace, and has been featured on Calgary's 'Chasing Summer' line up two years in a row, alongside major artists from around the globe, such as Marshmello, Armin Van Buuren, and Loud Luxury. 


In addition to playing Calary's biggest EDM music festival, Cade has released one original track so far, with more on the way.


You can find Cade's music on his SoundCloud page.

If you're looking for a young, vibrant, professional DJ with a deep understanding of music, Cade is your man. 

We're honoured to have him on the team, and excited to watch him continue to grow as an artist and entertainer.


Rising Star | Chasing Summer Alumni


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